Dear Blog Readers:

I understand that there may be Readers of my blog, that have not bothered to advise me as to what their interest may be. Thanks to my friend Tony for your comments as well as my daughter Nona who got me started on this. Some of you have not identified yourself and I respect your wishes.

I have posted some 40 articles that include:

1. Chronicles
2. Poetry
3. Diary Notes
4. Book Appreciations

to mention a few.

I have some three (3) hundred articles in my possession, all of which are actual happenings that I have personally been associated with.

Tell me what has interested you in what you have read, thus far, and it may influence me to post some of that.

Thank you those that have silently enjoyed my work because you too, become part of the equation.

I am not a professional Writer, but I enjoy writing.

Peace, as I love you all!