This Is About Irene Dallman

I met Irene and part of her family: husband Erhard Dallmann and daughter Monalei Dallmann at Whatshan Lake Retreat when they attended yearly Music Festivals, every second weekend in July, upon an invitation from Florence (Morozoff) Markin, the wife of Irene’s relative Andrew Markin.

The family would get enthused with the music and were often seen dancing on the grass in front of the stage. This would encourage others to join in the fun.

Irene found that the founding society, Doukhobor Heritage Retreat Society #1999, that operated Whatshan Lake Retreat, was the type of philosophy that she approved and so she made financial donations to support the operation which was much appreciated.

This is an obituary notice regarding her passing May 29, 2019

“…..Irene (Filatoff) Dallmann

MAY 30, 1941 ~ MAY 29, 2019 (AGE 77)

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved mother, wife, and Grandma/Baba/Oma, Irene Dallmann, of Creston, BC. Irene was born in Coaldale, AB, raised in Carseland, AB, graduated from Carseland High School and later pursued an education at Mount Royal College, Calgary, AB where she studied child psychology and social work. On June 10, 1961, Irene married Erhard Dallmann and together they had 4 children. The family moved from Calgary to Valleyview and At High Prairie she took nursing and graduated as LPN, afterwards working at Valleyview Hospital. In 2005 Irene and Erhard moved to Creston, BC.

Irene lived life to the fullest and pursued many hobbies and volunteer activities in the community – she loved ballroom dancing, fishing, boating, did hand-colouring of black and white photographs, hat millinery and resin art. She was musically talented and played multiple instruments including lead guitar, classical piano and accordion. She generously gave her time to many service organizations in Creston, including the Lion’s club, Rotacrest senior’s society (Pancake Breakfast), Heide club dances and event décor for Octoberfest social dances.

Predeceasing Irene are her parents George and Lillian Filatoff, in-laws Herta and Albert Dallmann, and son Murray Dallmann. She is survived by her husband Erhard Dallmann, children Monalei, Jeffrey (Sandra) Dallmann, Michael (Renee) Dallmann, Granddaughters Tamara (Josh) and Tyneal Great-Grandchildren, Brother Lorne (Sylvia) Filatoff and Sister Marie (Harvey) Larsen and many other extended loving family.

A service for Irene was held Monday, June 3 at 10 am, at the G. F. Oliver Funeral Chapel, Creston, BC. A graveside service will follow at Forest Lawn Cemetery. Memorial contributions may be made to the Creston Doukhobour Society, #306 800 Cavell St, Creston, BC V0B1G4…..”

I would have like to know Irene better but my personal involvement in volunteering at the festival did not permit me much time to visit with them and so this tribute is to honor her.

At the time of the funeral, I provided my regrets to Monalei as my medical condition was such that travel to Creston was not possible.

Let Irene rest in Peace where she will not suffer from the sickness that took her life.

Posted June 29, 2019 by Elmer Verigin.


Tribute to Alex Ewashen (deceased May 20, 2019)

Alex Ewashen (February 21, 1032 – May 20, 2019)

My health complications made it impractical to attend Alex’s Funeral and so these notes will demonstrate the manner in which I knew Alex and his family.

Alex was a member of the Canadian Doukhobor Society, one of the three parent registered parent Doukhobor Societies operating predominately in British Columbia. In the most recent years, his brothers Robert and Larry, lived with their families in Creston, B.C.

No matter what Doukhobor event was taking place in Western Canada, I would find Alex in attendance as an active participant.

When the Doukhobor Cultural Association (DCA) was considering development of their Lands at Whatshan Lake, B.C., I asked JJ Verigin Jr., representing, the Union f Spiritual Communities of Christ (USCC), Alex Wishlow and the Ewashen Brothers, representing the Canadian Doukhobor Society (CDS) and representatives of the Freedomite Community, Bill Makortoff and Steve Lapshinoff. in the Summer of 2005, as to the philosophy and operations terms of reference, that would be acceptable to all Doukhobors. It was unanimously agreed that the resulting construction and site would welcome people from any Doukhobor background as well as all our neighbours.

The site would not be designated religious and permit any reasonable event to take place as long as it was peaceful and in good taste.

By and large, these dedicated people participated in the resulting development with Alex Ewashen donating 125 chairs to the Retreat Center. Alex and Julie also attended almost all the Music Festivals including the last one in July 2018 where Alex asked me to dance:

See post on Word Press file ; IMG_0960.TRIM.MOV-One Drive dated Tuesday June 18, 2019. (this is the only way I was able to get it into Word Press with my limited expertise)

This video has more of an explanation of Alex than I can in words. This was only last year in July 2018. I was ‘acting up’ and Alex just walked up to me, tapped me on the shoulder with his cane and said “can I have this dance with you?”

Dance we did. What a memory of Alex and his sense of humour.

At another music Festival, it appeared that the society may have difficulty breaking even. So it was decided that we would shave Elmer Verigin’s head if enough money could be raised. And so the band offered a fiddle and a guitar and started playing as a hat was passed around. Alex contributed well over $300 as the total was about $700 and the event was able to be profitable.

Whatshan was not the only organization where I was able to share experiences and discussions with Alex and Julie.

Alex joined the ad hoc Doukhobor Choir (about 60 members) that travelled t Veregin, Saskatchewan in July 0f 2017 to celebrate the centennial of the construction of the original Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood (CCUB) offices completed when CCUB was incorporated in 1917 and registered in the Province of Saskatchewan, main office in Veregin Saskatchewan. This was a great opportunity for Doukhobors across the four Western Provinces to visit and celebrate together. Alex and Julie took the opportunity of touring the original villages built from 1900 through to 1919, on buses with the excellent narration of Jonathan Kalmakoff, local historian.

Alex read my blog religiously and offered many constructive comments

Under construction June 07, 2019 Elmer Verigin

I emended this blog at 1350 hours, Tuesday June 18, 2019. This blog needs o be read with a blog entry of this date and named IMG_0960.TRIM.MOV-One Drive.

My Cancer Journey Part VI (Final Posting) August 28, 2019

My Cancer Journey Part V is best read after browsing through the following previous blogs:

  • So Now I Know What It Feels Like To Have A Diagnosis of Cancer, followed by
  • My Cancer Part II
  • My Cancer Journey Part III
  • My cancer Journey Part IV
  • My Cancer Journey Part V


I need to preface this current blog entry along with the (5) previous entries, with a precautionary statement:

“Nothing in these blogs suggest that I am speaking from a position of medical professionalism. I am sharing my experience so that anyone who may read these blogs, can be informed and be reassured that Bladder Cancer can be controlled and likely cured!

Part VI of my Cancer Recovery will cover the time from the time, July 26, 2019, to the current day, August 28, 2019

Here is the update:

  1. The trip to Grimshaw was fine and we enjoyed the wedding. The Nurses at Peace River Hospital changed my bandages two (2) times until I returned to Castlegar August 06, 2019.
  2. My pump was removed August 23, 2019 as the wound had healed to the surface of the skin
  3. Today, August 28, 2019, was my last inspection by a Nurse
  4. I had my first shower since March 20, 2019

I am now considered a healthy man?

I am most thankful to the people who prayed for me and gave me positive thoughts throughout this entire process.

Thank you all!

Posted August 28, 2019 at 1000 hours

A TRIBUTE TO NATALIE (nee Podovinikoff) VOYKIN (deceased March 12, 2019)

I compile this tribute on March 31, 2019, after her funeral March 18, 2019. This is not in disrespect for Natalie, but a matter of being able to do so because of personal health challenges.

I met Natalie and her husband Bill Voykin, sometime in 1969. There was a call out to interested Doukhobor Youth, to discuss the possibility of unification of all Youth in Canada. In this endeavour, a convention was planned in 1970 at the Tarrys Hall in Tarrys, B.C. Natalie and Bill attended that convention. It was at this event the idea of forming groups in areas populated by Doukhobors to eventually convene a Canadian Doukhobor Youth organization.

In Castlegar, about eighteen (18) families started coming together at various homes, to initiation the idea of such a group. The name of this group started as a Doukhobor Discussion Group, then Doukhobor Youth and in time ended with Doukhobor Cultural Association (DCA) as the original youth matured.

Natalie was always an enthusiastic member of the DCA which coincidentally, was equally split with members of the parent groups, the Union of Spritual Communities of Christ (USCC), the Doukhobor Society of Canada (DSC) and members from the Freedomites.

In my dated blog entries, I have already noted the successful activities of the DCA and especially Natalie Voykin. This was only one of Natalie’s “families” as she referred to them.

Please feel free to read:

  1. Miracle at Whatshan Lake, B.C. (construction of the Doukhobor Heritage Retreat Society #1999, Whatshan Lake Retreat)
  2. Report to the Doukhobor Cultural Association final AGM, September 20, 2013
  3. Some Reflections of the DCA (Doukhobor Cultural Association)
  4. Grandview Seniors Speak from the Ledge (the fats about the Kootenay Columbia Seniors Housing Cooperative)
  5. DHRS #1999 President’s Report AGM dated May 22, 2017
  6. Doukhobor Heritage Retreat Society #1999 Retiring President’s Report dated May 21, 2018
  7. Doukhobor Cultural Association (DCA) Last Supper November 18, 2018
  8. Update on “Grandview Seniors Speak from the Ledge” a Grandview Seniors Story

Should the Reader now be more informed, Natalie participated in all the DCA activities with all the enthusiasm that one body could assemble. Many times, Natalie would emotionally state that being part of the DCA and its activities, was the first time she felt totally included and settled in spirit. Natalie learned how to participate in orderly meetings. DCA elected new executives on a yearly basis so that all members got to serve and apply what the Selkirk College taught the DCA on Roberts Rules of Order.

She was always a friend!

May Natalie rest in Peace in this new dimension that she is enjoying

Posted by Elmer Verigin at 1300 hours, Monday, April 01, 2019

My Cancer Journey Part V

My Cancer Journey Part V is best read after browsing through the following previous blogs:

  • So Now I Know What It Feels Like To Have A Diagnosis of Cancer, followed by
  • My Cancer Part II
  • My Cancer Journey Part III
  • My cancer Journey Part IV


I need to preface this current blog entry along with the (3) previous entries, with a precautionary statement:

“Nothing in these blogs suggest that I am speaking from a position of medical professionalism. I am sharing my experience so that anyone who may read these blogs, can be informed and be reassured that Bladder Cancer can be controlled and likely cured!

Part V of my Cancer Recovery will cover the time from the time, April 14, 2019, to the current day, June 03, 2019

Castlegar Community Services kept changing my dressing on my Stoma on a regular basis, every Tuesday and Friday at 0930 hours with the last one prior this incident, on Tuesday, May 28, 2019.

It appeared to me that I was basically ‘listless” in general with a very limited appetite. I woke up at 0400 hours on Friday, May 24, 2019 and rummaged for Marilyn’s hamburgers of the night before when I ate one and now thought another would be just nice!

I poured a drink of Iced Tea and sat on Sofa. I felt a wetness near my stoma and assumed that my bag was leaking. I felt the are and  discovered that the bag was just fine but the wetness was just below the belly button which was strange

I stood up and suddenly a stream of liquid “shot” straight away for about three (3) feet! Of course I was shocked and realized that whatever was coming was from my abdomen and of course, an emergency!

I grabbed a towel and pressed it to my abdomen and woke Marilyn to asked if she could drive me into Emergency in Trail. Thirty (30) minutes later we were there.

The admitting people were not sure what was happening but quickly complied my records to release that I had an abcess or an erupted infection. Soft pressure was applied to the periphery o release more foul-smelling fluid.

A C-T Scan was ordered but would not be available till 0800 when the Techician would be in.

The C-T Scan reviewed a pocket of infection in an octopus shape just under the skin.

Pictures of infected area and the CT Scans were sent by cell phone to the holidaying Dr. Robinson who was away on holidays. My white cell count was over 17 (normal under 7) and Antibiotics were administrated as the staff pondered the next move.

With Dr. Robinson remote advice, the 6 mm opening was packed with absorbing materials and I was admitted to hospital.

It was a rough few days where eating was out of the question and keeping me from going into a fever was the biggest concern. On Monday May 27, 2019, Dr Robinson returned from holidays and conducted a physical exam.

The decision was to carry on with the Antibiotics and packing and repacking the wound about twice a day. I started to rebound and the decision was to release me from hospital to my home under the care of the Nurses at Castlegar Home Services.

At this time the treatment has graduated to a Suction Pump drawing liquid from my abdomen with Care Monday, Wednesday and Friday

I feel very much better and I note that there is little or no fluid flowing in the line.

My stoma separation in the meantime, has just about healed

I am told that I can expect the suction pump for a month or so. I have an appointment with Dr Robinson on June 11, 2019 at 0800 hours

Updated at 1000 hours, Sunday, June 03, 2019

“I Walked Over a Bed of Red Hot Wood Coals”


Photo is of Ericka Rankin – Friesen and Myles Verigin who excitedly shared their good news of achieving an Interprovincial Red Seal in the Electrical Trade.

The grandson of my deceased brother Russel Verigin, Myles Verigin, excitedly shared his experience of being able to program his mind to withstand burning coals and walk over a strip of burning coals ten (10) feet in length.

“It all came about as I continued my personal search into the potential of my body to achieve greater heights of endurance, ” Myles explained to me.

“I was always interested in ‘feats of endurance’ that I kept hearing about and so I read a book written by Tony Robbins, ‘ Unleash the Power Within’ that took me to New York, USA to participate in a seminar held by Tony Robbins,” Myles continued.

“There were about 14,000 people at this Seminar that took four (4) hours,” Myles then brought out the following portions of the seminar not necessarily in the order that they took place:

  1. Tony Robbins was the main motivational Speaker with a large staff
  2. Groups were set up with a ‘Life Coach” who stimulated all with parts of a hypnotic speech to clear the mind, focus on the end, learn how to set up a “trigger” for the mind to concentrate and focus.
  3. There was athletic dancing, jumping and other actions to achieve deep concentration
  4. Wood fires were burning with the end objective was to create twenty-five (25 lanes of coals, about ten (10) feet long
  5. When the beds of coals were ready, the participants lined up and were questioned by their coach as to their readiness to walk the coals. The coaches had the expertise to recognize whether the person was “ready”.
  6. Those who in the opinion of coach, were not ready, were recommended to prepare themselves better and removed from the line
  7. The walk itself was about four (4) steps and took about 2 to 3 seconds
  8. Following the walk everyone walked through a pool of water
  9. Myles did not experience any discomfort

It was the experience that Myles will not forget.

The following excerpt from the internet provides some scientific explanation to “firewalking””

“……..Tolly Burkan is the founder of the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education in Twain Harte, California. He promotes himself as the creator of the U.S. fire-walking movement, which he says dates to 1977.

“I was the first person to come along and make it available to John Q. Public by offering fire-walking classes that anybody could attend,” he said.

Burkan dismisses the idea that the low conductivity of coals is a reason that fire walking is possible. As evidence, he points to an incident in which members of his institute successfully walked repeatedly on a heated metal grill without getting burned.

According to Burkan, the basic physical principle behind fire walking is the same that allows an egg to boil in a paper cup when placed atop red-hot coals. The boiling water keeps the cup at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius)—hundreds of degrees cooler than paper’s burning point.

Burkan says that circulating blood likewise keeps the flesh on a fire walker’s feet from reaching its burning point—as long as the walker is relaxed enough to allow strong blood flow and as long as the walker keeps walking.

“What controls [the ability to fire walk] is more than physics, it’s your state of mind,” Burkan said.

Willey, the Pittsburgh physicist, said such mind over matter theories have nothing to do with why fire walking is physically possible. He allows, though, that self-confidence is required to take that first step.

“You’ve got to believe you’re going to be OK, otherwise you wouldn’t do it,” he said. “But what your mind-set is has got absolutely nothing to do with whether you’re going to burn or not.”

Danforth, the Bates College anthropologist, said that scientific explanations do not “debunk or diminish or invalidate the value of the ritual.”

“[Fire walking] can have the power to affirm one’s life. It can change lives, give confidence, all kinds of things,” he said………”

This excerpt from the internet suggests that there are risks as outlined here:

“…………….Walking across hot coals is a regular feature of motivational speaker Tony Robbins’s seminars. The act is meant to symbolize overcoming fear.

But at his “Unleash the Power Within” event in Dallas, Texas, on Thursday, more than 30 people were treated for burns due to the walk. Five were taken to the hospital that night, while the rest were treated on site for burns, said Jason Evans, a public information officer with Dallas Fire-Rescue, in a statement.

Dallas Fire-Rescue was dispatched to the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center on Thursday night just after 11pm, according to Evans.

Paul Gold, who sustained second-degree burns on his feet, told the Associated Press that he thought event staff didn’t wait long enough before adding more coals to the fire, resulting in the injuries.

Gold said he had participated in the walk at a previous Robbins event in Florida earlier this year and was unharmed.

Another attendee, Jacqueline Luxemberg, said the injuries occurred because people were taking selfies rather than concentrating on the walk.

“It has nothing to do with the training. It has absolutely nothing to do with Tony Robbins,” she said.

This isn’t the first time injuries occurred at a Robbins event. Nearly two dozen were burnt walking across hot coals in San Jose, California, in 2012.

Ron King, the director of the convention center, told the Dallas Morning News that Robbins had previously led events there with no incidents that he was aware of.

The organizers had the necessary permits “to conduct the operation which led to the multiple burn injuries overnight,” Evans said.

Minor blisters sometimes occur after the walk, but not serious burns, said Tad Schinke, who has worked at numerous Robbins events, to the Morning News. Participants received instructions before the walk.

Representatives for Robbins said in a statement to the Associated Press that about 7,000 people walked across the coals that night. Of those injured, five “requested any examination beyond what was readily available on site”.

“Someone not familiar with the fire walk observed the event and called 911 erroneously reporting hundreds of people requiring medical attention for severe burns,” the statement said.

Tickets to Robbins’s next “Unleash the Power Within” event in San Jose this November range in price from $650 to $2,995 a ticket, according to his website. The seminar aims to “help you unlock and unleash the forces inside that can help you break through any limit and create the quality of life you desire…………………..”

The negative reports do not daunt the positive experience that Myles had and continues to search for the powers from within.

My Readers need to understand that there are risks in many worthwhile endeavours.

Posted by Elmer Verigin 1730 hours, February 18, 2019

From: Myles Verigin []
Sent: February 18, 2019 2:32 PM
To: Elmer Verigin
Subject: Re:

Yes the article was very well written! It captures the event very well. I’m excited to see it up on your blog





Update on “Grandview Seniors Speak From the Ledge” a Grandview Seniors Story dated 2016/03/21

February 07, 2019

My blog entry “Seniors Speak From the Ledge” was a compilation by seven (7) members of the original Kootenay Columbia Seniors Housing Cooperative (KCSHC) to outline the success and history of the Grandview Project in Castlegar, B.C. The project experienced financial difficulty and an ad hoc committee felt that statements of fact were necessary to permit the public to understand the demise of the cooperative and allow those, who may be planning development of seniors housing, to limit any similar financial exposures.

I acted as the Project Manager for the project from 2005 to early 2014. I have no official position in the project at this time and I am merely providing this update for the benefit of those who may have interest as to where the Project is today.

I personally needed to review all this for my own perspective and closure.

A) Site Preparation

Project was started two (2) years after conceptual designs were prepared by Lubor Trubka & Associates, Vancouver, B.C. (see photos below)

Clearing of Grandview Drive looking North March 22, 2007

Grandview land clearing March 13, 2007

Grandview site grading June 06, 2007

Grandview site grading June 06, 2007

B) Discussions with City of Castlegar (CoC)

The original enquiry for zoning of the property was presented to Council by the sponsoring society the Doukhobor Cultural Association (DCA) in 2005. Comments from some Council members included :

  1. “You have to be out of your mind to think that anyone would want to live on that property located halfway to Trail!”
  2. Where would the people come from?”

C) Approval of the subdivision was in 2007. Here is the current development status (see photos):

  1. 55 seniors friendly, ground level units were proposed
    1. 47 units have been constructed, (financed by seniors) as of February 07, 2019
    2. 8 lots have been purchased by a Developer who had negotiated with the former KCSHC to construct the first stage of a 238 multi-care facility. The 8 lots are adjacent to the Chateau Grandview which was the name given to that project
  2. 57 residential lots were proposed
    1. 39 lots were sold prior to bankruptcy
    2. Balance are being sold by the Mortgager, Heritage Credit Union (HCU)
      1. Status of 11 lots is unknown but it is possible that a developer may have purchased them
    3. 41 houses constructed and occupied (as of February 07, 2019)
      1. 5 under construction
  3. 44 lot potential, phase II planned future residential subdivision
    1. KCSHC negotiated a trade with the Project Contractor, Marwest Industries Ltd., (MIL) in exchange for unpaid costs. MiL was able to complete a purchase of the land parcel with the Trustee, Moroso & Co., (M&C) with the result:
      1. 28 lot first phase is under construction
      2. Information provided by MiL is that a large portion are spoken for
  4. 13 acre reserve lot (still legally owned by KCSHC) for Supportive, Assisted and Residential Care Project they called Chateau Grandview
    1. 5 acre parcel is serviced and zoned for 205 unit project
    2. 62 unit Chateau Grandview Supportive Living Project was negotiated as a first phase of a 82 unit project. Drawings and construction estimates were completed with a Developer. Canada Mortgage & Housing (CMHC), British Columbia Housing (BCH) and Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) would not guarantee a construction loan. Take-out financing was available from three (3) mortgage firms. Further negotiations were interrupted by the bankruptcy in 2014.
    3. Drawings are available for the entire project by the Developer / KCSHC
    4. Land is under bankruptcy dated 2014, with mortgages to:
      1. $450,000, original 1st mortgage, to HCU
      2. $1,200,000, original 2nd mortgage, to 51 members of the KCSHC
    5. The status of the bankruptcy is not known (February 07, 2019) as there has not been any meetings with the Trustee since the initial one in November 2014

Perhaps the populace of a growing Castlegar have recognized that the location (despite the original opinion of some Council members) is desirable and suitable (all photos taken February 07, 2019):

Corner of 16th Avenue and Grandview Drive looking South on 16th Avenue. Residential Housing  16 th Avenue looking South into possible future Chateau Grandview site Corner of 16th and Grandview Drive looking East. Residential Housing on left side and Seniors Housing on Right Corner of 16th Avenue and Grandview Drive looking South. Seniors Housing both sides Grandview Drive looking South. Seniors Housing both sides and Chateau Grandview future possible site on right side

Grandview Drive looking North with Phase II Residential Subdivision under construction

D) Attempt to resurrect the project using Katrine Conroy NDP MLA for West Kootenay

Since the bankruptcy meeting in November, 2014, all active administration of KCSHC has ceased. There are no Directors nor any meetings of any kind as legally the KCSHC does not have any liquid assets to function as an entity.

In 2017, some of the surviving members of the original ad hoc committee approached MLA, Katrine Conroy’s office to discuss any possible method to restart the Chateau Grandview. The committee was limited to attendance of three (3) members and met with Adena Brown, Executive Assistant to Hon. Katrine Conroy, October 03, 2017 at the constituency office. Here is a brief synopsis of the event (the email record starts with the most recent email to the top of the chain):

“………From: Brown, Edena MCF:EX []
Sent: October 26, 2017 9:01 AM
To: ‘Elmer Verigin’
Cc: ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’
Subject: RE: Meeting request

Hello Elmer,

Thank you for your email.

I don’t have much to update at this point however I am continuing to work on your file. There is a backlog of requests flooding into Victoria at this time and things are slowly moving forward.

Will stay in touch.


Edena Brown, Executive Assistant to Hon. Katrine Conroy

Minister of Children and Family Development and Minister Responsible for CBT, CPC and CRT

Cell: 250-480-8627 Email:……………….”

“…………From: Elmer Verigin []
Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2017 4:43 PM
To: Brown, Edena MCF:EX
Subject: RE: Meeting request


Do you have an update on this matter?



“………………From: Brown, Edena MCF:EX []
Sent: October 3, 2017 2:14 PM
To: ‘Elmer Verigin’
Cc: ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’
Subject: RE: Meeting request

Thank you Elmer, Monique and Alden.

It was very nice to talk to you all this morning. I will work on presenting your case and will be in touch if I have any questions.


“…………………….From: Elmer Verigin []
Sent: Tuesday, October 3, 2017 11:27 AM
To: Brown, Edena MCF:EX
Subject: Meeting request


Thank you for meeting with Monique, Alden and I this morning.

The rendering of the proposed Chateau Grandview is appended.

The successful Developer that we were working with was Casey Van Dongen of Tri-City Contracting Ltd from Kamloops

He had advanced to the stage of:

  1. Drawings for a total development of:
  2. Supportive Living
  3. Assisted Living
  4. Residential Care
  5. Operational contract with H & H Total Care
  6. Total dated pricing for construction and rental rates

It is our recommendation that the B.C. Government consider this “shovel ready” project to meet the local strong demand for seniors housing.

The residents at Grandview are more than prepared to work with whoever may be able to assist in advancing this project to fruition.

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact those in attendance and the those that are copied on this email


After the response from Adena, October 26, 2017, there was no further responses from Katrine Conroy’s office and so I sent this email:

“……………..From: Elmer Verigin []
Sent: Saturday, October 20, 2018 8:45 AM
To: Brown, Edena MCF:EX <>; Conroy.MLA, Katrine <>
Cc:;;;; Alden Bigsby <>
Subject: RE: Meeting request

Katrine and Edena

I am making contact on my own but sending copies to the other participants in this effort

It has been almost a year since we last heard from your offices…………………………..?????

I recall when the NDP was in opposition and how well your office did to address the Grandview seniors with promises as to the changes that would take place when the NDP would become the government

I voted for you…………………………when in the past I did not!

The awaited change in government did take place.

What did not change is the arrogance that the former Liberals had toward our Castlegar seniors and that habit accepted by the current NDP / Green Parties

On behalf of Elmer, I am very disappointed!!!!!!

Have a good day.


I admit the above email is almost ‘Trumptisized’ but this is my blog. This is the response I received from their office:

“…………………From: Conroy.MLA, Katrine []
Sent: October 22, 2018 11:25 AM
To: Elmer Verigin
Subject: RE: Meeting request

Good morning, Elmer:

Just so you know Edena is Katrine’s executive assistant in her capacity as the Minister’s assistant and no longer works on constituency related matters. .  At the time of your meeting we did not know what Edena’s role was to be as an executive assistant and was clarified after that meeting.  As well,  I am a little confused by the email below………….”

So Elmer Verigin sees no point in pursuing the matter as he does not have any authority at this time to carry on a discussion that does not seem to have any interest to our MLA.

E) An interesting final comment from Elmer Verigin

In retrospect, the idea that the DCA brought forward with sponsorship of a budget of $50,000 and was later undertaken by the KCSHC was that seniors may use their assets to receive seniors accommodations with a minimal dependence on governments. Some of the challenges were that the KCSHC did not have sufficient members who understood the complicated systems that make up the development business.

I will continue to refer to original KCSHC objective of a complex (Chateau Grandview) that was to include Supportive / Assisted / Residential Care complex as Chateau Grandview for this discussion.

  1. Includes a complete serviced site (Lot 52), 1.75 ha adjacent to 16th Avenue and zoned for
    1. 82 Supportive Seniors Units
    2. 80 Assisted Seniors units
    3. 76 Residential Care Units
    4. Total 238 housing units
  2. A legally connected parcel to Lot 52 of 5.22 ha in size on the lower level that includes the original Calamida Racetrack.
    1. In about 2010, B.C. Housing approached the KCSHC to apply for funding of about 50 units built with Manufactured Housing that would serve low income families
    2. Two (2) senior officials from BC Housing attended the site with KCSHC representatives
    3. City Council was made aware of this site visit as the application would need to applied for by the Municipality
    4. City of Castlegar did not send anyone
    5. BC Housing passed on the funding to another municipality
  3. KCHSC had developed a plan with a Developer for a portion of the upper property for the 82 Supportive Seniors Units. I will show the perspective here again for clarity:
  4. An appraisal was conducted by Adrian Rizzo, AACI, P.App., of Kent – Macpherson, Kelown, B.C., dated August 18, 2011.
    1. Land value of the upper portion was $1,500,000
    2. For the proposed first phase of 62 units, this would equate to $1,500,000 / 62 = $24,673.48 per unit. (As developers call this as $24,673.46 per door)
    3. Appraisals such as this usually are conducted as part of an on-going development
    4. It can be estimated that at a total developed 1.75 ha site an estimated extrapolation would be 238 units x $24,673.48 = $5,872,288.24
    5. The profits that the KCSHC anticipated would subsidize Care units for under privileged. A dream not to come true
  5. At this time the project is in bankruptcy and the appraisals obtained by the Trustee range in the neighborhood of $700,000 far below the developed value.
  6. The KCSHC was intending to create enough capital to be able to pay its Shareholders Loans and extraneous construction cost as listed in ‘Seniors Speak From the Ledge’
  7. At this time after five (5) years since bankruptcy, I do much possibility that the second mortgage loan holders will receive any money. I also do not visualize that any Developer will foresee a Chateau Grandview development but a number of units similar to the 47 ground floor seniors units may take place.
  8. It is unfortunate that the City of Castlegar, B.C. Housing, Ministry of Health (subsidized Residential care allocation for Castlegar), CMHC, CBT cannot be assembled by our local MLA to cooperate in a solution for Chateau Grandview because the potential of this project is not recognized. Statistics Canada suggests that the market is there

This blog has been temporarily updated to February 14, 2019. by Elmer Verigin

Happy Valentines Day!



In my previous blog on “You Now I Know What It Feels to Have a Diagnosis of Cancer dated 2017/08/24”, I detailed my journey through the early stages of diagnosis of infection on the inside surface of the bladder, the surgical removal of same (TURBT) and the treatment with the same virus that Tuberculosis is effectively treated. I start this as predicted, there will be a long journey!

It was after the 12th treatment that Cancer was again detected on the inside surface of my bladder. My last blog update noted that samples were sent to the Lab for analysis but the visual diagnosis by Dr. Robinson, was that I had Cancer and a “radical” treatment would be the likelihood of further treatment.

Yesterday, January 30, 2019 was the consultation with Dr. Robinson as follows:

  1. Stage T1 which is interpreted as penetrating the Urothelium (inside lining) and entering the Lamina Propria (the next lining before the Muscle
  2. Penetration of the Muscle must be prevented as that allows the Cancer to enter the rest of the body
  3. The medical professionals cannot accurately assess the stage without radical surgery
  4. Continuing TURBT treatment will allow the Cancer a stronger foothold and is not recommended
  5. Recommended treatment is removal of the bladder and replacement with a part of my stomach.
  6. Installation of a Stoma and an ILEAL OSTOMY procedure that requires an external bag to collect urine.

Options, of course is to continue with TURBT treatments but that is not a recommendation.

The risks are the same as in any invasive surgery but the experience is that no Chemotherapy nor Radiation will be required in the follow up.

I met with my family last night and all my four children and my 57 year partner agree on this operation.

We are advising DR. Robinson to proceed with the scheduling in Trail. The alternative is the University Hospital in Vancouver where 30 operations a month take place whereas Trail has only 2 a month. We all felt the attending Doctor is local and the follow up issues can be facilitated easier here in the Kootenays.

The operation is expected in March 2019.

Of course, I have a nervousness about this which is normal but I understand that there is an organization of Bladder Cancer patients in Canada that I can contact for information and support.

I will keep you posted.

January 30, 2019 0805 hours

February 08, 2019

Dr. Robinson called ne yesterday with the results of my CT Scan February 06, 2019

“You do not show any spread of Cancer as I noted from my visual diagnosis. All cancer is concentrated within you Bladder. good News!”

That was very comforting and I thanked him for calling.

So now I need to continue with the process of programming myself to accept whatever will come with the operation and accept a major change in my life. This is a personal journey and cannot be borrowed nor can it be shared. People come and tell me that they “understand how I feel” but this really does not help me but in fact I find it stressful. I wish people would just leave the conversation o “i wish you a successful operation and a speedy recovery.” that would suffice and be more comfort.

I still find it strange that I am confronted with all this but, I feel that I am rising to the occasion each day. I need my collection strength in body and soul and I know that is will get through it so that I can contribute more to this world and make it a better place for all.

1150 hours, February 08, 2019

Dr. Robinson mailed me a requisition for Lab Work. I took this today, February 12, 2019 at the Castlegar Hospital Clinic.

1510 hours, February 12, 2019


As of December 13, 2018

From the Owl:

Having a bath circa 1942 in house where I was born, eight (8) miles NE of Canora, near the former Phoneix country school

There has been so much excitement around the Verigins that we have a difficult time keeping everything in perspective. We have another grandchild wedding to attend in August 2019 and we are preparing to receive another two (2) great grand children to add to the three (3) healthy great grandsons. What a treat…we spoil them rotten and their parents can take them home to discipline them. All our grand children have significant others except our youngest Macy and she is not admitting to anything.

Marilyn and I still have difficult saying “NO” and still get involved which only means that we cannot retire from good purposes. We find that the second and third generations are leading the way and we hobble along and try to keep up.

The Baunya is operational at Whatshan Lake Retreat. It was my last “Dirty Hands Project” but very enjoyable as the younger generations impressed us with their commitment to volunteer.

Here we are having a “beer break”. The People Counter from the Expo ’86 Egyptian Pavilion is tracking all Users. You need to come to Whatshan Lake Retreat and see it for yourselves.

We are patiently waiting for Water Rights to approve our Bulk Water Licence so that we can complete our zoning application. Our pure water sales are intended to facilitate needed programs that are in the planning stages.

From the Pussycat:

Pussycat standing on bank behind her current house (circa 2012) at 145-4200 Grandview Drive, Castlegar, B.C.

On December 23, we will be celebrating 57 years of wedded bliss (???)


Wedding for Pussycat, Marilyn and Owl, Elmer at the Marigold in Saskatoon, December 23, 1961 with beloved sister Mary and brother-in-law John Khadekin in background

. Over these years we made 64 trips to see our beloved families and friends in Saskatchewan. As we leave the mountains, we look at each other, knowing that the skies will open up and we will pass through Alberta (blue??) and then travel down the country roads take us back ‘home’.


Dinner at the Blue Diamond, in Saskatoon, July 2018 with former Saskatoon Doukhobor Youth. Left to right: Dorthy and Mitch Ozeroff, Elmer, Betty Kabatoff, Ruth and John Sirota, Olive Epp, Marilyn, Donna Hunchak and Edna Wright.

Neither of us could choose as to which home we like best. We love them both, the people we know and have known are all responsible for making us the people we are today.

 Last Supper Doukhobor Cultural Association (DCA) November 2018

Our hearts are overflowing with the feelings and ideas we have exchanged with each and every person we have been in contact with. Not always has there been mutual understanding of topics at hand but there has been an understanding that each opinion must be heard and respected.

These are lessons that must be passed on to future generations to attain the elusive ‘World of PEACE’ we so desperately seek.

Enjoy the remaining days of 2018 and the beginning of the New Year.

Till we meet again!

Elmer and Marilyn