Here it is another year begins with renewed hope that our World Leaders will act responsibly.

We can do our part by showing respect and compassion to our neighbors, our friends and most of all, our family. If we only do those minimal things, the “ripples” of kindness will touch our ever growing circle and embrace many. This is the message within our control and it does not cost any money.

To all my Blog Readers, I want to thank you for reading my ramblings and my venue for expression of how I feel.

In 2017, I was able to work with a bunch of beautiful people in British Columbia and construct a Baunya that will serve the Volunteer section at Whatshan Lake Retreat and be a “treat” to many who may wish to use it. We have a few “deficiencies” to complete as well as an irrigation and final landscaping.

In Saskatchewan, many of you celebrated 100 years of the Veregin “Dom” with me to provide the assistance to publish Veregin Story 2017. This volunteer effort highlights the history of Veregin (Vereeheena) village as it was created by the migration of 3,500 Doukhobors in 1999 to that area. It is being printed now and will be available at the National Doukhobor Heritage Village. All proceeds are for the NDHV as well as sales commissions for the New Horizons in Veregin. I want to thank all of you who donated your generous time and knowledge. There will be something for everybody and may encourage further research and a Book II.

I also was able to write “My Journey Through a Life of Opportunity”, a Christmas gift for my family who requested same. I did not realize until I started writing, all the interesting events that took place in my life, especially my family that started with my partner Marilyn. Thank you all who contributed to this huge effort.

I purchased a Cadpro program and I want to do design and drafting for small projects concentrating on housing. I had been part of the design team behind much of the 600 units of housing that our company had constructed. Perhaps I can provide some quality efficiencies and suggestions to those who may require same. I am not ready to put my legs up and “disappear into the sunset” just yet.

This year I continue with my treatments and I look forward to many years more in this blog but in the interim, Happy New Year!





It was 1972 and Verigin Industries Ltd continued their contracts with the Department of National Revenue (DNR), in construction of various Border Facilities throughout British Columbia and the Yukon.

This incident took place at Pleasant Camp, a border crossing on the BC / Alaska border between Haines Junction, YT and Haines Alaska.

On our reconnaissance trip with Don Muirhead, Facilities Manager with DNR, we arrived at Pleasant camp to meet a feisty lady who was the one and only Border Officer on the Canadians side that was in need of a portable residence set up.

Don showed us where the residence was to go and reminded us that the separate roof structure over the pre-built unit would have to support a 24 feet of snow load. This was in itself an amazing challenge but a job was a job.

Don was in discussion with the female Border Guard who was gesturing and excitedly explaining the plywood all chewed up on the rear porch exit from the Border Station.

“You have to get rid of these horrid animals or I am going to quit this job”, she was very emphatic and serious about her statement.

“They keep gnawing away at night and I cannot sleep. I think they will chew their way right into the Station. I cannot stand this anymore!” and it appeared she was going to cry at any instant now.

“Obviously they are after the glue in the plywood as something they crave” responded Don in a calm voice thinking that he would be able to console this employee of the DNR.

“Covering the landing with rubber will not do it as they will eat tires right off a vehicle” Don was thinking as to what to do.

“My God”, she shrieked, “I am definitely not staying here. Those animals need to be exterminated”, she added.

After some scavenging around the building and separate storage shed, some galvanized sheet metal was discovered and the recommendation was that we clad the landing with this metal as an interim measure until an expanded metal or steel grating could be obtained to replace the wood landing when we came up to erect the residence.

The Border Guard was pacified and we decided to carry on to Haines, Alaska to spend the night. On the way there (about 4o miles of the most twisted highway I had ever seen as it followed a raging mountain stream), Don started to tell us about his apparent faint-hearted female Border Guard.

“This Spring, two Desparados from the lower States, had found their way to Haines and before the local police could do anything to apprehend them, they had rented a car and were off to Pleasant Camp and Canada to escape their convictions in the USA”, Don started the story.

“The authorities called the USA side of the border crossing and advised the Guards there not to apprehend them as they were armed and dangerous and the State Troopers would try and catch up to them. They instructed the US Customs Guards to go over and warn the lone Canadian Guard to do likewise,” Don continued.

“Well these brawny-looking two showed up at the Pleasant Camp Crossing and our Canadian Customs Guard went out to do het customary procedure,” Don went on with his story.

“Where are you from and your passports please,” she requested in her calm normal manner as she stared the duo straight into their eyes.

“They were shocked, I guess and when she was sure that they were not going to cooperate she drew her pistol, which she was assigned because of the remoteness of her Crossing.”

“Get out of the vehicle with your hands up and keep your hands where I can see them”, she just got the drop on them.

As the story unfolded, she kept them covered for four (4) hours until the RCMP were able to arrive from Whitehorse.

“I am not sure why she is afraid of a couple of porcupines”, Don concluded





It was 1983 and I was doing intermittent Project Management work for Brian McMahon who was in charge of the Travel and Industry Subsidiary Agreement (TIDSA), a granting agency for the Government of British Columbia, Ministry of Tourism. This program was to stimulate the Travel Industry and was funded by a partnership of the Federal and Provincial Governments.

Whenever Brian found any of the funded projects were not performing according to an agreed contract schedule, he would access my services and I acted as a Special Project Manager. I would go into a community and investigate what the problems were and report to Brian whether the project would succeed and / or what actions were necessary to make it all happen as per the contract with that Municipality.

I came home, to Castlegar, B.C. from an exhausting business trip, to enjoy my family and I was on the floor playing with my children and enjoying the TGIF day and looking forward to the weekend when the phone rang.

“Elmer, is that you?” and it was Brian on the other end. “What are you doing tomorrow?

“Well I certainly have my share of things to do around the yard as it is fall you know,” I responded.

“You and I are having a meeting in Whitehorse, YT., and tomorrow evening about Port Alberni. You will take the plane out of Castlegar tomorrow and meet the plane to Whitehorse in Vancouver which should reach Whitehorse by 7:00 P.M. I will meet you at the airport,” he advised matter-of-factly like as if he were telling me to sit down for dinner.

“You must be joking” I pleaded. ‘How can we discuss the Port Alberni development in Whitehorse when I don’t even know what it is that we are talking about?”

“Besides there are drawings required and other documents; it is not a practical process, Brian,” I pointed out, hoping he would agree and I could just go back to planning my weekend home with my family.

“The plans and documentation will be on the same plane with you when you get here”, Brian advised.

“There is no way around this as you will need to organize a meeting with the Port Alberni Harbor Front Committee on Monday night. So quit stalling and pack your suitcase,” he ended the telecon.

“What’s going on?” Marilyn looked at me with disbelieving eyes, suspecting that her husband was going away again and the weekend preparations with family were over.

I tried explaining as best that I could but I really had very little to go on except it was obviously a project in Port Alberni, B.C., and that I had to go to Whitehorse Y.T., to get briefed by Brian.

“Elmer, this is ridiculous” she opined and shuffled down the hallway to get started on my suitcase.

“How long do I pack for?” was the next sarcastic remark.

“Probably, Wednesday as I have to be home for a few meetings in Trail,” as I started my thought process as to what this thing at Port Alberni was all about and what I may have to do to get it on track.

Well, Brian was smiling at the Whitehorse Airport as I got into the Terminal, “you travel light, I see”

“Thanks for warning me as to where I would have to go, otherwise I would have packed a tent and camping gear,” I sniped.

“We better remember to pick up the documents at the express baggage” Brian noted. Sure enough there was a small roll labeled HOLD FOR PICKUP and away we went into Whitehorse.

Brian was a very efficient Administrator and had a room already booked for me in the hotel and suggested “I’ll see you in 208 as soon as you get yourself checked in. We will get the orientation over with before we go to eat”.

“That’s all you got” I commented at the one page schematic of the Port Alberni Harbor Front Development that had Hotson Architects title block.

“Well the grant is for $2.8 million and there appears to be some disagreement not only amongst the Committee but also between the Committee and the Architect,” Brian admitted. “The agreement is that the project must be complete and funded by June 30 next year. If they cannot execute, the grant returns to the Tourism Ministry”.

“Hey, Brian, this is October and there are no drawings, unless I am missing something, how do you expect drawing completion, tenders to be called and project completion by June 30? Don’t be ridiculous!” I expounded rather emphatically.

“So why did I have you come up here? You are to meet with this Committee on Monday afternoon and determine what issues they may have and report back to me by Friday with your opinion as to whether this project is salvageable”, Brian just carried on as was his style.

“Is the Committee aware that I am coming?” was my obvious question.

“No! You will make contact with them once you are in Port Alberni” he answered.

“So why don’t we just go there together?” seemed like an obvious suggestion as I groped with an understanding of this impending challenge.

“I will be 200 miles into the hinterland inspecting a fly-in Hunting and Fishing Lodge and then I will be visiting some other potential funding sites and I will not be available for any contact till Friday” and with that Brian announced that he was very hungry and we should go and eat before everything shut down for the night

Brian was a good host and we spent the evening watching a Hypnotist performing his feats on an unsuspecting audience. The next day I left for Vancouver knowing that there was absolutely no way I could contact Brian until Friday when he came out of wilderness.

At 9:00 A.M. Monday, I was in Hotson Architects offices on Howe Street, meeting with a very surprised Hotson who refused to provide me with any additional plans than what Brian already gave me and was even less communicative about the status of the project. He admitted, though, that he was having difficulty determining what the Port Alberni Committee wanted from this project. Hotson Architects were the Architects for the very successful harbor development on Granville Island in Vancouver. We concluded the short meeting with an understanding that he would only release information when he had direction from his client.

“I will be back tomorrow morning” I advised as I left to get on with the rest of my investigative process.

I had never been to Port Alberni and never to Nanaimo which was the local airport on my way to Port Alberni from Vancouver. A rental car and a beautiful drive brought me into unfamiliar surroundings within the City of Port Alberni.

I decided that City Hall was my best bet and asked to speak to the City Manager who sat there in disbelief as I outlined my reasons for being in Port Alberni.

“Do you have anything from Brian McMahon? He wanted to ensure that he had this all straight before he called the R.C.M.P.

“No, but I do have this plan he gave me and his address and label is on it”, as I offered same to him for his inquisitive review.

“You realize that is an extraordinary situation that you describe,” he commented. “I will need to have an emergency meeting with the Committee in order to provide you with any more information as this is entirely beyond my authority.”

“May we meet this afternoon?” I responded. “We don’t have too much time and I need to report to Brian this Friday.”

“I will make the calls to the Committee and see what can be done by 4:00 P.M. this afternoon in the Council Chambers,” he reluctantly advised.

I decided that this was a good time to inspect the site for the project and I was not surprised that it was going to be a challenge to not only complete the project on schedule but to also get the site prepared for this development. It would take a considerable amount of cooperation by everyone and all agencies to get the documents for tender into place. It would take a very organized General Contractor with experience in “tight scheduling” to get all this done by June 30.

What am I getting myself into, I mused?

As I walked into the room and counted at least ten (10) committee members in attendance which I am meeting for the first time, I could not miss noting that there was a great deal of disgust on their faces and a readiness to “Tar and Feather and roll out on a rail” this Dude that hailed from Trail, B.C., that was attempting to deride Port Alberni’s ticket to Tourism.

The meeting opened and they all stared at me as I explained the TIDSA agreement that they were signatory to and the requirements to complete on time and budget. I referred to the clause that permitted the Ministry to employ a “Special Project Manager” should there be any concern and / or doubt that completion may not be met.

“I am He,” I announced.

“So where is Brian McMahon?” was the question from the Mayor.

“I am sure you have already tried calling him and were unsuccessful,” I commented. “He is in the far reaches of the Yukon right now and will return on Friday when he expects me to provide my assessment.

“We don’t have much time,” I added.

There was an interesting man at the end of the table that just glared at me the entire time and I tried to remember who he was from the introductions and I now remembered his card as being the Head of the Harbor Commission.

“This is not going to be easy”, I tried to reassure myself as I presented the false presence of confidence to a very antagonistic group who still could not believe that all this was happening to them.

“Let’s start with Hotson Architects”, I instructed. “You need to tell him what you want in on this project so that he can develop the drawings for tender, immediately”.

“He will not do what we want,” they confided. “We are in disagreement with him and his ideas.”

“You will go over his proposal right now and let him know what your parameters will be,” I made it clear as to how the process would unfold. “I will be in his office tomorrow morning to get an update and a copy of his plans to date.”

“Do we want the “Harbor Quay” to get developed or do we just “cash in” is the question here,” I ended my presentation to the Committee. “Are we ready for the challenge?”


I could feel the daggers being thrown into my back as I left the room and heard the animated discussion pick up.

There were friends in Port Alberni that I knew and I called them up as it was too late to get back to Vancouver. These friends were very much part of the community and it was good to get an appreciation of all the Committee Members and what they represented. This all helped considerably in my understanding of how I could possibly make all this happen.

I dropped into Hotson Architects the next day and it appeared that everyone was going to cooperate and so a meeting was set for the following week in Port Alberni, when Brian could attend as well.

It was that meeting that I noted that the Committee Member from the Harbor Commission seemed to passively study me the entire meeting as the Committee set up a schedule that included approval of drawings and going to tender, etc., the normal project process so that I could recommend to Brian that we were now “on track”.

After the meeting the Harbor Commissioner walked up to me and invited me to see his Harbor operation. I kept wondering how this was to “unfold” but I readily agreed to follow his vehicle down to the Harbor.

I went after him up the stairs and into the Harbor Master’s office. There behind the desk sat a smiling man with an identity plate in front of him that said:



The Harbor Commissioner asked “do you know this man?”

“The only Ken Fertuck that I know was a classmate of mine in Pelly, Saskatchewan” I blubbered, not believing my eyes and twenty-five (25) years made recognition difficult.

“The same”, came the response from the man behind the desk, smiling even more now.

“Well how in the blazes did a kid from the prairies get a job as Harbormaster on the coast,” I questioned.

“Well, I just wrote down on my resume, that I was a Stone-boat Captain in Saskatchewan and they considered that to be all the experience necessary for this job”, as we all laughed uncontrollably.

It is necessary to explain to those of you who are not “Stubble-Jumpers”, that a stone-boat is approximately 6 feet x about 8 or 10 feet long built with 2 inch to 4 inch wood planks laid on two (2) 8 inch x 8 inch wood runners that is pulled behind a team of horses. Its uses on the farm are multiple with following common adaptations:

  • Pick up stones from a field and transport to a dumping area
  • A similar function with roots that are common after clearing new land as they are piled to dry and burn thereafter
  • Manure from “cleaning” a barn to a disposal site usually on an open field for use to fertilize
  • Countless other functions that are common to the operation of a “mixed” farm operation
  • Sometimes for recreational purposes as joyriding over snow

Being a “Captain” of a Stoneboat would be similar to being a “King of the Castle” as children would play. The largest body of water adjacent to Pelly was at best a slough and a larger swamp. Both of these “bodies of water” were used by youths to float a makeshift raft of loosely tied logs and pushed around with a pole in the spring when there was water. Everyone from the Prairies knows that having a nickname of “Stone-boat Captain” is quite similar to being a “Stubble-Jumper”, any such reference would clearly indicate heritage from the Prairie Provinces.

Then the Harbor Commissioner explained how he had returned from that first meeting with some “jerk” called Elmer Verigin from Trail, B.C. that totally insulted the intelligence of the Committee who had worked so hard to get the Harbor Quay Development going and now suggested that he has taking over.

Ken asked him where this Elmer was from as he only knew one Elmer Verigin and he was from Pelly, Saskatchewan. Perhaps this guy should be given a chance to prove himself.

Well we spent a great time after, reminiscing about old times and places and I found out how Ken came right to Port Alberni in 1956 and worked himself to the top by starting from the bottom “on the docks.”

The epilogue is that Ken still lives in Port Alberni to this day but unfortunately, he had a stroke and I understand that he is dealing with a handicap quite well. The project did get completed by June 30 as required with a surplus budget that was utilized for other purposes on the Harbor Front Project. The designs by Hotson Architects were in keeping with their creative ability on Granville Island in Vancouver. The Contractors outdid themselves in quality and performance. My on site Clerk of Works was a God send that ensured quality control. The Committee was an excellent group to work with.

The breakfasts in that tiny Diner near the waterfront are still a mouth-watering memory that will be hard to forget.

My purpose was successfully exercised in Port Alberni.

Brian McMahon and I made contact from time to time, later, and he was able to secure $1.3 million in establishing the Doukhobor Village in Castlegar B.C. as a destination point tourist attraction when disagreement of local politicians forced the funding to move elsewhere. That will be the subject of another story.


Posted by EWV November o7, 2017 from EWV Archived Files for use in his Adventures Story being composed for his family

Sunday Morning, November 05, 2017

The time changed early this morning and now I will get a chance to relive an hour. I wonder how I should do this?

Early this morning, my mind travelled through the various ways I used to walk to and from Pelly from my original home three miles North East of Pelly. It was beautiful when I recall and can actually see the ruts in the roadway and all the various bushes in the middle of the fields. I can visualize the Fall, Winter and Spring scenes as I was away since 15 in the Summers. I always walked alone so I had no distractions but only nature that became embedded in my memories. Oh yes, they birds calling each other and the wind always seemed to be in my face no matter which direction I walked.

I spent a year living with Tony Pryslak in the Fall of 1959 and that was just great as I never really had a room mate before. Remember the menus at the Boarding Hose we stayed in, Tony? Yes we loved hamburger didn’t we? Two meat balls one day and one patty the next with mashed potatoes. She was a great cook. Thank God that you and I got along fine because we were always still hungry as teenagers. I still remember us sitting in that basement room talking about how we were going to influence the world peacefully.

The next year I moved in with Keith Tarasoff and his mother did not know how to quit cooking so I gained 20 pounds that year. Keith and I also had the world in our hands.

Well Keith has left us but Tony, you are still around and so I am sharing this post to get a smile on your face.

Marilyn and I are going out for breakfast with a bunch of seniors this Sunday as we have for the past eight years. All these people don’t talk about changing the world, they just talk about how the world has changed.

Those of you who read this post, a happy smile to you this Sunday.

Elmer4 (written 0915, Sunday, November 04, 2017)

To the Ladies of the Trail Hospital in the Oncology Department

Dated October 19, 2017 and hand delivered by Elmer and Marilyn Verigin

This is to confirm my impressions of you and the profession that you participate, to make the lives of many so comfortable when they are very challenged.

You practice words of comfort and hope that is soothing and is much appreciated when they are needed most.

Thank you for all that you do to as it is impossible to imagine what it would be like without you.

These tokens are for you to enjoy!

Have a good day!


Marilyn and I delivered a vase with fresh flowers and a box of assorted bars to the staff in the Oncology Department at about 1030 hours, Thursday, October 19, 2017

Neurons, Reincarnation, Mental Health and All That Stuff

October 02, 2017

If you read my notes on the Think Tank held at Whatshan Lake Retreat the weekend of September15, 2017, you would have been introduced to Dr Ryan Darcy PhD and Neurons.

I have had further clarification from Ryan in a subsequent email as follows:

“………From: Ryan D’Arcy [mailto:rcn.darcy@gmail.com] Sent: September 27, 2017 9:51 AM To: Elmer Verigin Subject: Re: Estimated Number of Neurons

Hi Elmer,

The old estimate is 100 billion, with a more recent one of 85 billion. Each neuron has around 10,000 synaptic connections. However these connections can be modulated and changed infinitely so it has been argued that there are more possible connections than there are atoms in the observable universe (estimated at about 10*80). When you consider brains as connected between as they are within (arguably more so), the numbers can be quite large.

Cheers Ryan…………….”

And a subsequent posting on the internet by Dr Stuart Hameroff PhD, as follows:

“……….It turns out that the human brain could be similar to a “biological computer,” and that human consciousness may be like a program which is run by a quantum computer within the brain. What’s even more astonishing is that after someone dies, “their soul comes back to the universe, and it does not die.”

This is all according to American physicist Dr. Stuart Hameroff and mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose, both of whom argue that the soul is maintained in micro-tubules of brain cells. The two scientists refer to this process as “Orchestrated Objective Reduction,” or “Orch-OR.” Allegedly, when human beings are “clinically dead,” microtubules in the brain lose their quantum state but are still able to retain the information inside of them.

This theory was recently outlined on The Science Channel’s ongoing documentary show Through the Wormhole, in which Dr. Hameroff elaborates: “Let’s say the heart stops beating, the blood stops flowing; the micro-tubules lose their quantum state. The quantum information within the micro-tubules is not destroyed, it can’t be destroyed, and it just distributes and dissipates to the universe at large.

If the patient is resuscitated, revived, this quantum information can go back into the micro-tubules and the patient says ‘I had a near-death experience.’ If they’re not revived, and the patient dies, it’s possible that this quantum information can exist outside the body, perhaps indefinitely, as a soul.”

Hameroff’s words suggest that human souls are much more than mere “interactions” of neurons in the brain. In fact, this theory indicates that these “souls” could have existed since the very beginning of time itself. And with all of the recent discoveries pertaining to dark energy and dark matter—substances which humans cannot see or interact with, but substances which we know exist, nevertheless—this theory could end up explaining things that are even more mysterious and fascinating………”

Those of us who have been asking questions about after life and what happens to our souls may be interested in all the about.

At one time Scientists were not accepting religious beliefs nor the presence of soul and related understandings.

Is Science getting closer?

I love this discussion!

Elmer posted 1155 hours, October 02, 2017

Another Whatshan Experience

The youth are always searching for innovative methods to advance the “Whatshan Experience.” This past weekend we engaged in a “Think Tank” with some exciting and progressive minds:

  1. Peter Scholl – Metaphyscial Engineer
    1. Licensed precision Machinist
    2. Mechanical Engineer – Biel Swtizerland
    3. Developed proof-of-concept prototype oscillating piston engine
    4. Consultant for development of full budget estimates for projects of all types
  2. Mary Jane Ruddy – Registered Nurse
    1. On disability due to car crash
  3. Ryan Darcy – Neuroscientist –
    1. Full Professor at Simon Fraser University
    2. Holder Simon Fraser Memorial Hospital Foundation of BC Leadership Chair in Multimodal Technology for Healthcare Innovations
    3. Head Health Sciences and Innovation at Fraser Health’s Surrey Memorial Hospital
  4. Rowena Rizzotti – Founder & Chief Executive – The Institute for Health Care Innovations (The IHI)
    1. MBA
    2. Masters Management
    3. BA – Psychology
    4. Associate Science Degree – Biology
    5. Diploma / Practical Nursing
    6. Business Administration
  5. Tamara Verigin-Burk – Executive Director for Castlegar Chamber of Commerce and CEO Doukhobor Heritage Retreat Society #1999
    1. Masters Degree of Arts and Leadership
    2. Sign Language Interpreter Diploma
    3. Early Childhood Education Certificate
  6. Kyle Burk – Sales Manager Sandman Inn
    1. Grade 12 graduate
    2. Studied Art History, Psychology, Physics and Geomorphology
  7. Marilyn Verigin – Partner in E Verigin Consultants
    1. Teaching Certificate for Public Schools
    2. Bookkeeper
    3. Hospice Worker
    4. Seniors Projects
    5. Rotary Anns
    6. Beta Sigma Phi
  8. Elmer Verigin – President Doukhobor Heritage Retreat Society #1999
    1. Bachelor Of Science in Engineering
    2. Member Professional Engineers of B.C.
    3. Life Member
      1. Independent Contractors and Businesses of B.C.
      2. Kootenay Doukhobor Historical Society
    4. President of E Verigin Consultants

If someone wishes to find out more about any of the above, just do a name search on the internet.

The question may be asked how did all these people assemble at Whatshan Lake Retreat?

Rowena Junker was raised in Castlegar and is a close friend with Tamara. There were few troubles that those two did not get into as exploring youth. It is fitting to say that perhaps they were challenging youth who are now becoming part of the solution for what ails the world. In Rowena’s work with seniors and all the Alzheimer’s and Dementia issues associated with aging, caused her to meet Ryan who was doing research in this area and exploring solutions.

Rowena and Ryan attended Tamara’s 50th birthday party where Ryan and I started chatting about Whatshan Lake Retreat. He had heard about it through Rowena. It was suggested that we meet at Whatshan sometimes to discuss its potential in health care and brain therapy.

Marilyn and I met Peter at our friends Hans Peter (retired Swiss Banker) and Anna Barth’s house in Harrop, this past spring. Hans thought that we would enjoy listening to the talents of his friend Peter on the piano as accompanied with his friend on the Clarinet. The discussions over wine included Peter’s concerns over his partner’s recent accident and resulting concussion. He introduced himself as an Engineer in Metaphyiscs, something he had acquired after Mechanical Engineering.

So brain injury and Ryan’s work on the Neurons in the brain resulted in a suggestion that maybe Peter and his wife would like to meet Ryan at Whatshan Lake Retreat.

Everyone is quite busy and so it took a long time to intertwine schedules.

The idea was to have a “Think Tank” using all this expertise and so we did this past weekend.

We toured the Ropes Course, walked the developed site, went to the Whatshan Falls and assembled to have discussions with no definitive agenda. It was amazing what that group could do and I will let Tamara report on the list of ideas from a simple improvement in programs that currently take place to a possible total treatment center.

We even had a meditation session with Peter on the Flute and Mary Jane on the crystal bowl. That was my first time and I experienced something that will last with me forever.

The concern always came back to “do we want to lose the pristine wilderness and its ability to deliver “a Whatshan Experience”.

The “boys” meditated in the  Baunya on Saturday night with many more ideas.

The four guests became members before they left.

The rest is up to the Directors and members of the Doukhobor Heritage Retreat Society #1999 to discuss and move in whatever direction may result.

Written by Elmer Verigin, 1445 hours,  September 18, 2017.

Comments from participants:

Left to Right: Tamara Verigin-Burk, Marilyn Verigin, Rowena Rizzotti, Mary Jane Ruddy, Ryan Darcy and Kyle Burk

Rowena Rizzotti:

“…….Hello to you all!!

I just want to pass along a quick message of deep appreciation for such a beautiful experience with you all.

Ryan  is already off on his week travels and if I don’t send this now, I will not get to it again….so just want to reinforce all we said when together:

Whatshan has such huge potential to bring its healing power to many who are searching for it – Ryan and I both landed on this as being a strong strategy but it does requires some focused attention and resources to make it all happen.  We recognize that the beauty of what is there has been built……………..but the reality is that it needs a long term business strategy and execution plan to realize an amazing potential.

Conversely, it seems that it can also continue to do what it is doing now and  continue to reach its break even point, and that is successful too.

The concepts around the water certainly offer some real options to generate the revenues needed to invest in additional programming – but it will take commitment, conviction, and fortitude to build off what successes you already have.

My final appreciation for the lovely food, accommodations and friendship — thank you so much for giving this gift to us both!!

Let us know how we can assist!

Love to you all!

Rowena and Ryan………..”

Ryan Darcy

Hi all,

“…….Thank you for the amazing Whatshan experience!

Here are the two key links I mentioned as interesting models:

Would recommend looking into many aspects of both in terms of common vision points, marketing strategies, and growth potentials.

Warm regards, Ryan……..”

Edits added September 19, 2017 1315 hours

Peter Scholl:

Left to right: Rowena Rizzotti, Mary Jane Ruddy, Peter Scholl, Ryan Darcy and Kyle Burk

“…..Dear Friends,

Just a short note to thank you all for making the weekend at Whatshan such a memorable experience. The peace and serenity still lingers in our bones and we felt highly energized upon coming home. We filled many containers with Whatshan water which will allow us to savour the “taste” of Whatshan for weeks to come. Thank you Tammy for organizing this event. The nature walks, the food and of course the company was to “live” for and Mary Jane and I hope to see you all again soon. In the meantime this fine piece of Mother Earth will occupy a special place in our hearts and we will be glad to share ideas regarding extended usage along the established parameters of service to human kind.

We also extend a heartfelt thank you to Elmer who was kind enough to include us and make us part of the team.

We wish all of you the very best and thanks again.

With Love and hugs

Mary Jane and Peter………….”

Updated September 20, 2017 0800 hours EWV

Political Blunders That Cause Confusion with “Affordable Housing”

This is an ongoing discussion in many press articles and political circles as to how society needs to deal with the underprivileged that are in need of housing.

We all agree that the essentials in life are Food, Clothing and Shelter. Everything else comes to play only when you are fed, warm and cozy.

My years in construction witnessed some 600 plus housing units over time and in one instance Fording Coal Ltd needed apartments at Elkford to house their employees. The employees preferred detached housing but subdivisions take time and Verigin built three (3) separate apartment buildings that yielded 80 units to do just that.

The subdivisions were eventually constructed and the families moved from the apartments into the single family homes and the apartments became empty. The costs of maintaining an empty apartment are substantial. Fording Management decided to stratify the buildings and offer them as low as $15,000 purchase for a 3 bedroom apartment.

Try as they would with extensive advertising throughout British Columbia and Alberta with no success. In the end the apartments were demolished and taken to the landfill

Meanwhile Intertech Construction were Contractors to redevelop the Woodwards Store area in east Vancouver. One of the requirements of the Developer was to construct about 70 condos for the Homeless at a cost of over $450,000 per unit.

Yes, it is obvious, why could not the Homeless be appropriated a unit in Elkford at a cost of $15,000 rather than $450,000 a unit? Perhaps, the rights of the underprivileged were at stake as they did not want to leave downtown Vancouver?

Peter Rezansoff and I shared a few bottles of wine talking about this. Peter was even more dismayed as the condition of the $450,000 condos he built so well, deteriorated very quickly with time due to abuse by the Users.

My next story is about the Grandview Housing site in Castlegar, B.C. The Kootenay Columbia Seniors Housing Cooperative (KCSHC) developed a 60 acre site. try as they would, B.C. Housing could not establish a program to assist them within their guidelines.

One day a call came from B.C. Housing with the news that they had a Manufactured Homes incentive. “Would Grandview accept funding for about 50 Manufactured Homes?”

The former Calamida Stadium site would suit this funding as the program required free land and only the municipality could receive the funding.

The KCSHC wholeheartedly agreed to donate the subject about 4 acre site and called the City of Castlegar to meet officials from the BC Housing for a meeting on site to exercise the funding.

The City never showed up!

With the BC Housing Officials on site, calls to the City were responded by “no one was available to meet them at this time!”

The funding went to another community that would cooperate.

So what is wrong with our governments?

In both instances, partnership with private ownership would have easily provided affordable housing for the underprivileged.

What is missing here?

Under construction by E Verigin August 29, 2017. Completed August 30, 2017


This a personal experience that I thought I could share with my Readers as there just may be parts of my story that may benefit some of you.

It all started with a discovery of blood in my urine. Should that happen to you, do not ignore that and pass it off as coincidental. Your body is providing you with a warning that something may be amiss.

I made an appointment with my family doctor and he took this very seriously as this may be an indication of Cancer somewhere in the urinary tract.

So he prescribed the following tests with results noted:

  1. Blood work (no indication that I am aware)
  2. Ultra Sound (something “inordinary” within the bladder)
  3. Visual inspection within the urinary tract (a tumour was discovered that appeared cancerous) on July 24, 2017.

Dr Livingstone immediately expedited the following:

  • Extensive and directed blood work August 14, 2017.
  • CT Scan August 16, 2017.
  • Operating Room reservation at the Trail Hospital August 21, 2017.

That was a professional achievement to provide that scheduling in our health system as we experience it.

As it all unfolded, somehow my granddaughter’s wedding on August 19, 2017 at Whatshan was spared enjoyed by Marilyn and I and fitted well into the above schedule.

A “small” tumour was surgically removed in five (5) minutes. The tumor was confirmed cancerous and a biopsy is taking place to determine the type of cancer and what may be require further treatment. I will know better on September 12, 2017, when I meet with Dr. Livingstone.

It was discovered that I have two (2) “tiny” stones developing in one of my kidneys. Dr Livingstone prescribed two (2) litres of water intake a day and they will pass the stones through the urinary tract on their own. The alternative is to wait until they develop and they could block the urinary tract causing excruciating pain on their way through.

I guess I will drink the water!

It seems I heard about water intake before:

  1. In grade four Health classes, it was recommended that everyone drink 8 glasses of water a day which I rejected
  2. My doctor recommended that I drink 8 glasses of water to control gout. He suggested that my Chemical Engineering training would confirm that the crystals in Uric Acid can be easily dissolved by water and that medications would not be necessary. Well I was not drinking water and so prescribed medication was the result. What did he know about Chemistry?
  3. My son graduated from Human Kinetics and suggested that if my urine showed color that I was not drinking enough water. I guess I liked color and continued my aversion to water.
  4. I was having constipation and again my son suggested drinking more water. Stool softening enhancements were easier to take than water.
  5. Now Dr Livingstone is suggesting this remedy…………………
  6. What next?

Guess what, I am finally drinking water and my gout and constipation is gone and perhaps my stones will disappear.

My Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist suggested that the nagging pain in my calves and thighs would go away after removal of my bladder tumour. He was absolutely correct! Where do all these people obtain this knowledge?

Wow, what a fringe benefit!

No one ever tells Elmer what to do and they just did!

I am listening………

Posted August 24, 2017 at 0930 hours

Notations September 11, 2017 at 1315 hours. I will use this post as my blog to note my treatment progress. If this helps someone who has yet to be diagnosed or may have people close to them who may be suffering, that is my intent with these notes.

So my visit with Dr. Livingstone on September 05, 2017 went like this:

  1. The sample is positive with cancer
  2. The removed tumour was in the early stages of cancer
  3. The location was on the inside of the bladder lining and was successfully removed
  4. The treatment now is to ensure that no cancer cells are allowed to penetrate that inner lining and enter the muscle area beyond
  5. Such a penetration would allow the cancer cells to readily attack that layer and quickly make the bladder a victim of cancer
  6. With that taking place the only solution is remove the bladder and utilize an outer “bag”

So the treatment is like this:

  1. Every Monday, which started today, go to the Oncology Department at the Trail Hospital and take a treatment:
    1. Insert a catheter
    2. Drain the urine
    3. Insert BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin) OncoTICE(R), IMMUCYST(R). It is essentially a virus that feeds on cancer cells
    4. Catheter is removed
    5. I lie on my stomach for 15 minutes
    6. I roll over to my right side for 15 minutes
    7. Then my left side for 15 minutes
    8. I finally lie on my back for 15 minutes
    9. This is to ensure that the chemical thoroughly is distributed about my bladder
    10. I go home
    11. I urinate at 2 hours after the chemical has been inserted
    12. It is a dangerous chemical and I need to ensure that I flush 2 times
    13. I need to wash my hands and private parts for 6 hours after I get home
    14. Drink 2 litres of water every day to flush the stuff through
  2. Sounds simple, right?
  3. Well I need to repeat this for 6 times after which Dr Livingstone has a look
  4. There may be changes after that
  5. If all stays on course then this process continues for a total of 27 times
  6. The prognosis is that 85% of those treated are able to become Survivors

So that is where I am today. I can eat whatever I want and at this time I feel good and my intention is to cooperate and beat this thing

Posted at 1335 hours by Elmer

Chemo Treatment #2 this morning and I find out more facts about my treatment:

  1. The Chemo mixture is prepared in the Hospital Lab about 15 minutes after I arrive at 0800 hours
  2. It is a very potent mixture of viruses that have an appetite for cancer cells and must be activated just before insertion into my bladder
  3. The nurse ears protective clothing and a mask
  4. Insertion is via a catheter which firstly empties my bladder and then inserts the mixture
  5. The process is absolutely painless and relatively no discomfort
  6. My joke to the nurse was “there is nothing romantic about this is there?”
  7. Their response “strictly professional”
  8. Although, I drank no coffee this morning and cut back on liquids, the most difficult part of the process is holding back for the hour that I arrive home. The bladder wants to release and again I was unable to “hold” for the recommended total of 2 hours

So I need another four treatments before Dr Livingstone makes his inspection and will report signs of any new tumour forming which may require removal.

Stay tuned….

Posted 1200 noon, Monday, September 18, 2017 by Elmer

Treatment #3 September 25, 2017

All as before except that I prepared myself better:

  • No coffee the night before or breakfast in the morning
  • No water drinking the night before nor morning

I was able to keep th medication in me for 2 hours. Success!

I also took a brochure on Cancer and from I have read I have the initial type for which my treatment is correct. I will stay with the program and see what Dr. Livingstone finds after Treatment #6 and we can go from there.

I am not surprised that the Doctor has not commented on the Nathurepatic recommendations, so I will wait until I see him

Reported 1350 hours September 25, 2017 by EWV

I completed Treatment #6 on October 16, 2017. The Nurse tells me that all my reports will now go to Dr Livingstone. He will contact me when an follow up inspection may be required. Otherwise the Hospital will contact me when I start my next sequence of treatments in three (3) months.

So I wait…………

Posted October 18, 2017.

I completed my Inspection Procedure on January 10, 2018 at the Trail Hospital by Dr. Livingstone.

  1. No evidence of any new cancer growth!
  2. He took a biopsy sample
  3. He spoke with me after that:
    1. I will take another 3 Chemo Treatments ASA the Hospital can schedule same
    2. He will get results on the biopsy which should be good in his opinion
    3. His office will call for a follow up appointment
  4. After the 3 treatments, I will need another inspection
  5. Should the results be the same as this last one, I will need to comeback every 6 months for 5 years
  6. With no evidence of Cancer at that time, I will be “Cancer-Free”

There are reasons to be excited and full of hope.

Thank you medical science and all the staff at the Trail Hospital.

Thank you for such a supportive family and their direction to have a positive attitude.

Posted by Elmer Verigin January 11, 2018 0930 hours

January 16, 2018

Treatment #7 was essentially routine.

I stopped all liquids at 9:00 the night before and did not have breakfast. This provides the ability to retain the Tubercolosis ‘cocktail’ that they inject to into the bladder to counteract any Cancer cells. The objective is to retain for a total of two hours from the time of entry. I did it!

After it is a lot of water and yes, a bunch of peeing!

Okay for now!

Posted 1520 hours, January 16, 2018

NDE (Near death Experience) What is it?

Recently, I have been reminded by Medical Science that I am a mortal with a body that does wear with age and sometimes has parts that fail.

It was so with my diagnosis of a Tumor in my bladder. Preparations are under way to remove it, analyze and recommend treatment should that be required.

My friend Lawrence Popoff was quick to suggest that I read a book called “Dying To Be Me” by Anita Mooriani. He knew Anita selected a choice vocabulary to describe a phenomena that hereto was personal to those who had a NDE. Anita did just that!

Anita is an Indian living in Hong Kong who survived a Stage 4A Cancer near death and came away a much different person with an entirely different view of life on this world.

Her opening statement forewarns of the contents:

“…………I believe that the greatest truths of the universe don’t lie outside, in the study of the stars and the planets. They lie deep within us, in the magnificence of our heart, mind, and soul. Until we understand what is within, we can’t understand whi is without.

I share my story here in the hope of touching your heart in some way and reminding you of your own magnificence………..”

I spent a lifetime with the understanding that I need to look up to others and be subservient as well as accept that others have a special place in this world. Anita went though that phase as a result of the customs and traditions of her culture.

In her afterword, she writes:

…Always remember not to give away your power—–instead, get in touch with your own magnificence. …..The only universal solution I have is to love yourself unconditionally and be yourself fearlessly! This is the most important lesson I learned from my NDE, and honestly feel that if I’d always known this, I never would have gotten cancer in the first place…………..

I found inspiration in this literary creation by Anita.

Thank you Anita and I hope that those who choose to read this book will share my opinion and gratitude.

Elmer Verigin

August 13, 2017 1250 hours